How do I take my homeopathic remedy?

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Centesimal and decimal potencies, when taken in pellet form, are dissolved in one’s mouth, usually under the tongue. The number of pellets taken, and the frequency at which they are taken, must be determined by your practitioner. Every person is different, hence the dosing regime must reflect your individuality, just as the choice of remedy does.

The exact way a liquid preparation is taken must be determined by your practitioner, because there are a number of variations on the theme of taking a remedy in liquid form. Typically, LMs start with a stock bottle filled with a medicated solution. A portion of this medicated solution is put it into four ounces of water. A spoonful from this four ounces is taken for the dose. The LMs are typically taken every day, at least once if not more often. However, the exact instructions about how to use the LMs, what size stock bottle to use, the amount to be taken from the stock bottle, and at what frequency the remedy should be taken, must come from your practitioner.