Are there remedies for my diagnosed disease or condition?

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Because we give remedies according to the unique state of the individual, it is impossible to say what diseases a given remedy will treat. For example, two people who each suffer from headaches, depression, and indigestion will, in all likelihood, need different remedies, because the way in which their headaches, depression and indigestion act are different. Such is the case with people who suffer from migraines, colitis, ADHD, or any other disease. No two migraine patients are exactly the same, hence they each need their own individualized treatment, their own homeopathic remedy that suits their unique state of illness which includes their migraine symptoms. In other words, homeopathic remedies are used for the state of illness as expressed through a person’s unique totality of mental, emotional and physical symptoms, and not for pathological conditions. It is more true to say that there are specific remedies for each person rather than for each disease.