Homeopathy Treatment For Chronic Diseases

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Advanced Homeopathy treatment for chronic diseases by 
5o millicimal Potency in Homeopathy
which "is the most perfect of all the methods of dynamization".

Throughout life Hahnemann tried to accomplish cure rapidly, gently and permanently. His intention was to avoid unnecessary aggravation. For this purpose the conducted experimental research through clinical trials, and came to minimize the quantity of the dose with maximum results. In the 5th edition of Organon of Medicine he advised the use of aqueous solution with divided does and gradual increase of successions up to 10-12.

But the process of cure was not so rapid and the aggravation persisted specially in chronic cases. He had to deal with patients of unusually nervous excitability and found troublesome medicinal aggravation even after application of 30th potency of centesimal scale. It led him to further minimize the material quantity of drug substance. His relentless search for the pursuit of highest ideal of cure, as per § 1 finally bore fruit. The last 4-5 years of laborious research beamed a new light when he introduced the new scale with 100 succussions.

Every subsequent potency contains 1/50,000th part of the medicinal substance of previous one. The problem of aggravation is solved by expanding the medium and making it gentle. There is no broad gap between the subsequent potencies as in centesimal where after 30th there is 200th, next 1M - then 10M, 50C, CM, DM etc. Instead we get a series starting from 0/1, then 0/2, 0/3, and onwards. This avoids the possible 'jerks', and helps in step-wise ascent in degrees, thus gradually raising the susceptibility of the patient.

Doses under new method cut short the time in both acute and chronic cases. Earlier he had mentioned in § 246 that a single dose of centesimal potency with slowly progressive improvement may finish up a chronic case within 40, 50, 60 or 100 days. However, as experience taught him, this period could be reduced to one-half, one-quarter and even lesser under the following conditions –

1.        First, if the medicine selected with the utmost care was perfectly homoeopathic.

2.        Secondly, if it was highly potentised, dissolved in water and given in proper small does repeated at definite intervals.

We many summarize the background of Hahnemann's dissatisfaction with centesimal:

1.        Action of the medicine is not rapid.

2.        Violent medicinal aggravation is encountered.

3.        Too frequent repetition is not possible.

4.        After administration of single dose, one has to wait for long & watch helplessly the action of the medicine.

For these reasons, he introduced the 50-millesimal scale termed as "new dynamization method".

On the other hand, it would be useful to note the probable reasons behind Hahnemann's choice of new potencies as:

1.        The action of the medicine is rapid.

2.        We can easily avoid the medicine aggravation by minimizing the quantity of the medicine.

3.        Too frequent repetition of the medicine can be done both in acute & chronic cases as also in emergency. Even the long acting medicines & nosodes can be repeated as and when needed.

4.        Long lasting chronic disease can be cured within shortest period of time. As said in § 246, the period taken for cure can be diminished to half, quarter or even less.

5.        Qualitative power of the medicine being greater, it is more effective than the centesimal.

Thus Hahnemann finally reached the 50-millesimal scale, as it is a perfect method of proven efficacy to achieve the highest ideal of cure.

Most patients approaches me at my clinic for their chronic and seems to be incurable diseases like Adenocarcima, Cancer, Asthma, Osteoartheritis, Spondylitis, Psoriasis,Eczema & migraine etc for which they had already taken previous Homeopathy, Allopathy and other mode of treatment but doesn't responds earlier &  by giving them 50 millicimal potency Homeopathy the get relief very fast in their all kind of suffering.