Homeopathic Treatments for Anemia

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Iron Deficiency Anemia & Homeopathy
Homeopathy is ideal for pregnant women as well as children's.

it's gentle, safe easily digestible , rapid & highly effective system of medicine. Homeopathy in pregnant females is not harmful to their unborn child and it works with their body’s natural defense . There are remedies given to combat the tiredness & to boost the energy. Homeopathy offers a number of remedies that may be helpful in treating Anemia. Ferrum Phosphoricum is the most frequently used natural Homeopathic medicine to increase the Hemoglobin level . It can be safely used among people of all age groups. Even during Anemia in pregnancy, Ferrum Phosphoricum is a safe Homeopathic remedy though the dosage is to be properly handled by the physician during pregnancy. The skin appears pale in persons needing Ferrum Phosphoricum and they also experience palpitation of heart and weakness. The pulse rate is quickened. Vertigo and headache also appear as symptoms.
after using Ferrum Phos Hemoglobin increased and all symptoms of Anemia disappear.

Please mail me if you have any experience ;
Dr Ak Dwivedi