Rectal Polyp Treatment in Homeopathy

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Rectal Polyps may be sessile or pedunculated and vary considerably in size. Incidence of polyps ranges from 7 to 50%; the higher figure includes very small polyps (usually hyperplastic polyps or adenomas) found at autopsy. Polyps, often multiple, occur most commonly in the rectum and sigmoid and decrease in frequency toward the cecum.

Most polyps are asymptomatic. Rectal bleeding, usually occult and rarely massive, is the most frequent complaint. Cramps, abdominal pain, or obstruction may occur with a large lesion. Rectal polyps may be palpable by digital examination. Occasionally, a polyp on a long pedicle may prolapse through the anus. Large villous adenomas may rarely cause watery diarrhea that may result in hypokalemia.



Diagnosis is usually made by colonoscopy. Barium enema, particularly double-contrast examination, is effective, but colonoscopy is preferred because polyps also may be removed during that procedure. Because rectal polyps are often multiple and may coexist with cancer, complete colonoscopy to the cecum is mandatory even if a distal lesion is found by flexible sigmoidoscopy.

Common Treatment

Complete removal during colonoscopy
Sometimes follow with surgical resection
Follow-up surveillance colonoscopy
Polyps should be removed completely with a snare or electrosurgical biopsy forceps during total colonoscopy; complete excision is particularly important for large villous adenomas, which have a high potential for cancer. If colonoscopic removal is unsuccessful, laparotomy should be done.

As per Dr AK Dwivedi Homeopathic Physician It can be treated very well by homeopathy medicines.

There are several Homeopathic medicines like - Conium, Calc C, Acid Nitri, Silcia, Thuja, sulphur, Hamamelis etc if choosen  on the basis of totality of symptoms it can be cured.
A patient Mr Mridul Residing at New Delhi contacted me for his trouble - Bleeding per rectum,  Pain &  Burning after stool, Constipation Acidity & restlessness with tension of disease.
on the basis of these above symptoms and his investigation reports i had prescribed him

Hamamelis  Q 30-30 drops QID in warm water  Followed by Acid Nitric 0/1 1 tsf QID for 1 Months
on next visits his most of the complaints relived
again same medicines repeated for one month
then on next visit he is very happy as his most of the complaints relived
on 4th July 2016 again investigation is done, which proved his polyps cured

special comment about Homeopathy treatment from the Patient - Mridul Sharma New Delhi : I had a problem of polyp in my rectum and doctor had said that they have to do surgery but after that I came to know about Advanced homeo health center Indore and after that I started Homeopathic  treatment from there and now after 1 year I have recovered almost 90% that too without any at last I would only say that homeopathic treatment is the best treatment ever according to my experience.