Cancer Pain & its Homeopathic Treatment

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Pain is not just a sensation that hurts.

It is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or possible tissue damage.

People experience pain in different ways and even people with the same type of cancer can have different experiences. The way pain is felt is influenced by emotional, environmental and physical factors (see below). These factors act directly or indirectly on the body’s nervous system (the brain, spinal cord and nerves). The type of cancer, its stage, the treatment you receive, other health issues, your attitudes and beliefs about pain, and the significance of the pain to you will also affect the pain experience. Health professionals & doctors assess all these factors to help treat the pain.

If left untreated, pain can lead to anxiety or depression, loss of function and changes to your day-to-day activities.

Learning to control pain may allow you to return to many of the activities you enjoy and improve your quality of life.

Only you (who is suffering from) can describe your pain – it may be steady, burning, throbbing, stabbing, aching or pinching. Health professionals, doctors,  family members and carers will rely on their description to work out the level of pain and its impact on  life.

As per Dr AK Dwivedi, Homeopathy can be best option of treatment for different kind of pain on the basis of their character & causes.

There are several Homeopathic medicines like Aconite, Chamomilla, China, Bufo rana, Allium Cepa, Capsicum, Hepar Sulph, Belladona, Ignatia, Staphys, Arnica & Carbo veg  can be given on the basis of symptoms totality  & types of pain.

Patients come to my clinic even after taking 4-6 Allopathic pain killers when doesn't get desired result and after giving Homeopathic medicines they respond well