Emotional & Psychological Approach of Cancer patient's

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Emotional & Psychological Approach of Cancer patient's

Without possessing a good health there is very less meaning of wealth, name and good fame. Good health is the only key to happiness, but unfortunately everyone is not fortunate enough to possess a good health. In Homoeopathy also main focus lies on the complete wellness, cure and possessing a sound health and mind. 
In this time when we are occupied with many engagements, many of us are surrounded by several diseases. One such deadly and dangerous disease on the face of the earth is Cancer. Here I am giving a brief account of emotional symptoms seen in cancer patients during my interaction with them during treatment and otherwise my study through various available literatures on this subject.
Hearing the bad news about any disease gives tremendous jerk to anyone irrespective of his Age and Gender. Any diagnosis of potentially fatal disease is a tremendous blow to the vital force.  And a diagnosis of cancer is more so than other diseases because of the suffering and intractable pain involved in the problem of Cancer. Patients of different constitutions will however react differently to this shock but one thing is common among all. In very first stage when they come to know about this, that he or she is diagnosed with the symptoms of cancer they suddenly start to feel like, now there is the end of their life. Here in this crucial juncture the role of a doctor and family members of the patient is utmost important. A good doctor will thoroughly examine all reports and if feels even a slightest doubt in his mind he will ask to his patient to take second opinion without wasting much time. He will not take any nonsense decision in hurry against precious life of his patient. Doctor must prepare their patients who are primarily detected a sign of malign cells or in other word sign of cancer for answering some tough questions. If doctor gets concrete evidences of proving cancerous development in his patient's body he should provide consolation, hope and a shoulder to lean on. Now very confidently doctor need to follow his treatment plan whether homoeopathic or any other. A surgery option will remain passive in his treatment plan initially but if he feels it’s an unavoidable then he can give choice to his patient.
If someone is fighting with Cancer then it is not uncommon that he or she will experience psychological or emotional distress. Whether you are coping with the diagnosis the challenges of treatment or continued worry about a recurrence emotions brought on by the cancer experience are certainly difficult to handle.

Following are the Cancer patient's main emotional symptoms:

  • Shock or disbelief
  • Fear or uncertainty
  • Guilt feeling
  • Grief or Sadness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Feeling of Isolation
  • Helplessness

If these are the emotional or psychological symptoms of any cancer patient there are certain things or administration which could help in large extant to help any cancer patient. These administrations could be applied by any doctor or by the caretaker of cancer patient. Psychological care is normal and necessary, and is an integral part of cancer care. Addressing your psychological well-being can help you feel more relaxed and in control, cope better during treatment, overcome anxiety and depression, and enjoy life.

  • Tips for improving Emotional/ psychological well-being of any Cancer patient:
  • Help him to find a new outlook and focus on what can be change instead   of what can’t be change.
  • Never try to generalize. The meaning of Cancer could be different to each individual. Convey the message to cancer patient that everyone experiences cancer differently and your experience is unique to you.
  • Give a message to cancer patient that please start talking about your feelings. Reach out to family and friends, other cancer survivors a spiritual leader, etc.
  • It is very important that cancer patient must seek a professional counseling, including individual, couple, family and/or group therapy.
  • Always insist to any cancer patient that he or she must try mind-body techniques, such as relaxation therapies, laughter therapy, stress management interventions, energy therapies, etc.

Thus these are the symptoms and their solutions which can be applied by any cancer patient himself, by their doctors or by their caretakers. It is said that if you are emotionally strong then treatment works faster than expected. Its vice-versa is equally true that if you are mentally weak then even best to best doctor or treatment or medicine goes for vain. The sole purpose of this article of mine is creating awareness about this less talked aspect of this deadly disease called cancer. In our age old discipline of medicine called homoeopathy we have studied or learnt about several cases where cancer patient got rid of it with their strong mental power which is nothing but an emotional state of mind. I hope now due attention shall be given to emotional or psychological support requirements of anyone who is suffering with cancer.

-Dr. A.K Dwivedi